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Frequently Asked Questions
Booking and Understanding a Group Ski trip
What is an empty pillow?

Package prices are based on maximum occupancy of the room. Therefore, if you have fewer people sleeping in a room, then empty pillow charges will need to be paid. The room cost is a fixed price. It is the same total whether one person sleeps in it or 4 people sleep in it. Ex. A one bedroom condo sleeps 4 people. If only 2 people sleep in it, then the group would pay 2 empty pillow charges.

What is covered in the package price?

The package prices listed on the proposals and contracts includes lodging, lift tickets, ski rentals, and all taxes and surcharges (unless otherwise stated). If your trippers sign up for lessons, rental upgrades, snowboards, etc., these are an extra expense. Charter buses, airport shuttles & meeting rooms are also not averaged into your package prices. They are listed as a separate expense on your order form. As contracts do vary, Ski Daddy lists exactly what is covered in your package prices under the reminder¬Ě section of all contracts.

Can Ski Daddy help us with our meals on the trip?

Some properties offer lodging packages that include meals. Breakfast and dinner options are available at some hotels. Just mention this to us and we can help you arrange them. Some resorts offer meal vouchers, too. These can be used as lunch vouchers so your trippers don't have to keep up with cash on the mountain. They usually save you a little money too!

How many skiers do you need to get group pricing?

You need to have 20 skiers to get group pricing from the resorts.

Does everyone need to ski at the same time to get group pricing?

To get group pricing, the resort needs to be able to complete the lift ticket order at one time. Therefore, everyone needs to be signed up so they can place the order all at once. The lift tickets need to start on the same day also. However, if you have previously arranged it with Ski Daddy, and it is listed on your contract, some trippers can ski a different amount of days than others.

What is a change room?

Some groups elect to ski the day that they check out of their rooms. Since check out is at 10:00 am, he groups can put their luggage into the change rooms before they go ski and then have a place to change their clothes/shower after they ski. Usually groups get 2 rooms - one for the guys and one for the girls.

Why can Ski Daddy get me better rates than I can on my own?

Ski Daddy is a large wholesaler that plans over 200 groups every year. Because of this volume, resorts offer Ski Daddy special discounted rates that are unavailable to the general public. Even if the package price was more expensive than booking direct, with all of the services and tools offered by Ski Daddy it would be worth every penny. But, luckily for you, this is not the case!

Do I pay extra for Ski Daddy services?

No. We are paid a commission from the resort. You do not pay anything for our services.

Why do I need to sign the contract?

The terms of your contract are in effect as soon as you pay your first deposit. We need a signed contract from each trip leader to ensure that we are all on the same page. We want to make sure that every detail is correct. A signed contract tells us that we are both in agreement of what is included in the package price, trip dates, and additional details and terms listed.

Does Ski Daddy organize airfare for us?

Ski Daddy does not arrange air travel for groups. However, we can set up your airport shuttle to and from your resort. We can also help you arrange a charter bus if needed.

Promoting Your Trip
Why do my group members need to sign up on the website?

Group members need to sign up on the website because it captures all the information needed to place the order for your group. It allows the rental shop to make sure they have enough equipment ahead of time and in the right sizes for your group. It also allows Ski Daddy to place the correct lift ticket and lesson order.

How do my trippers sign up on the website?

Once your group's website has been built, the Ski Daddy staff will send you an email with the link. There is a sign up tab at the top of your group's website. You may send out this link on an email, Facebook or Twitter. It is a great, fast way to get your registration going.

How do I promote my trip?

Ski Daddy can build your group website even before you book. Then you can send out the link and quickly fill your spots. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, and church announcements are great ways to get the word out about your trip registration. The trippers simply click on the link and it hyperlinks them to the sign up page. Once they sign up, you are notified as the trip leader by an email. We have had leaders fill their trip in under 12 hours simply by putting out a Facebook post. Add a skiing picture for added interest! You can also look for ideas on our blog There is also a link on your website that shows everyone who is going on the trip. This can help create excitement as everyone is signing up.

Planning Your Trip
How do I figure out how much each tripper owes me?

When you log as the leader, you can put in your price for your trip on the group accounting page. This page will create invoices for you based on how each person signed up. Watch the video on the help tab for a complete explanation.

Why do I need to send a rooming list ahead of time?

Lodging companies request rooming list because it allows a smooth process at check in and to find individuals in a group if needed for any damage. It also helps to avoid chaos when everyone steps off the bus - is tired, hungry, and needs to go to the bathroom and everyone is looking at the leader for where to go!

Does the trip have to be paid in full before we go?

Yes, the trip has to be paid in full before the resorts will release the lift tickets. The lodging companies and resorts require payment in advance.

How do the deposits work?

Once you book the trip, your first deposit will be due in about 2 weeks. This holds your space. The final payment is due 45 days in advance of the trip. We set up a deposit schedule for your group to help break up payments for your families. Naturally, the further out you book your trip, the more time you have for your group to make deposits. The deposit schedule is always listed on the first page of your contract.

If you decide not to go skiing, can we get our deposits back?

Deposits are non-refundable. Once we sent money to Colorado, they don't like to give it back. Please don't send any money if you don't plan to ski.

What is the difference between reducing our trip and cancelling our trip?

A group may need to reduce the number of condos they originally booked. Reducing is dropping a portion of your contracted condos/rooms. Cancelling is terminating the entire trip. When a group cancels completely, no refunds are given for the previously paid deposits. All penalties for reducing are listed on the first page of the contract with the accompanying dates.

Can our trippers all pay separately?

To get the group rates, we need to have one trip leader that we are in contact with. The trip leader should pay the deposits all together at one time. Ski Daddy can help you put a link on your group website so the trippers can easily pay you directly.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We can take credit card payments for the group deposit. There is a 2.29% processing fee that is added to the payment. You can pay instantly with an e-check and there is no fee!

As trip leader, how to I view my group's registration?

You may sign in at and sign in with your user name or email and password. Your user name and password is listed on the first page of your contract.

What is trip insurance?

Trip insurance is insurance offered by a third party company that can cover things like medical accidents on the trip, trip delay, and trip cancellation. Ski Daddy offers a link to Travel Guard at Travel insurance is completely optional. It is the responsibility of the buyer to understand the product and what is covered.

Why does the order need to be placed 2 weeks early?

In order to receive group rates the resorts require that all orders are placed a minimum of two weeks in advance. Placing both the rental order and the lift ticket order 2 weeks early ensures time for the orders to be placed and processed correctly. This allows Ski Daddy to place names on all your lift tickets and lessons so you can simply hand them out. This often alleviates mistakes of trippers getting the wrong kind of ticket.

Can my trippers contact Ski daddy directly with their questions?

We would love to speak with everyone that go on our trips, however, to manage each trip effectively we need keep the communication with one person. The contract is between Ski Daddy and the trip leader; therefore, all communication must be with the trip leader.

On the Trip
What time is check-in & check-out?

Check in is usually at 4:00pm and check out is usually at 10:00am.

How will I receive the lift tickets?

Your lift tickets will be waiting for you at check in unless otherwise stated or discussed. You will receive a package that will be sealed by Ski Daddy. It will have all your lift tickets and lessons already processed with you tripper's names on them so all you have to do is hand them out. This really takes the confusion out of the equation.

Can we turn in a lift ticket for the unused days if someone decides they don't like to ski?

Resorts only allow refunds of unused days for injury/illness. A doctor's note needs to accompany the request for reimbursement. You also need to keep either the original lift ticket or the credit voucher the resort gives to you. You need to send all documentation to Ski Daddy with 10 days of your first ski day to receive the credit. Ski Daddy gives you instructions for refunds before each trip. You need to follow these instrucations exactly. Resorts close their season on May 1st each year. Credit can not be processed after this date.

Does everyone need to be fitted for their rentals at the same time to get group pricing?

Most rental shops like the groups to be fitted all at once for group pricing.

Is food allowed in meeting rooms?

Food is only allowed in certain meeting rooms. Most hotels do not allow outside food because of potential health code violations. The majority of condos will allow outside food and drink. If your group is going to eat in the meeting space, always get permission ahead of time from our staff. There is nothing worse than having to alter your plans because you didn't ask.