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Terrain Park

Purgatory Ski at Durango Mountain Resort offers five incredible terrain parks so everyone from the new boarder to the expert rider will find something to tantalize. The resort's dedicated Terrain Park Crew spends their days shaping, molding and most importantly riding in the parks. They know first hand what a good park needs and they do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Paradise Freestyle Arena

The Paradise Freestyle Arena will cure all of your rail-riding, big-air-ills.


Paradise Terrain Park Stats:

Skill Level: Advanced
Key Features: Slope-style course with jibs, jump line, and more jibs
Location: Under Lift 1 on Paradise
Tips:Show off your skills to folks riding Lift 1, as you negotiate jibs up top, a jump line in the middle, and more jibs to finish it off.
Hours:Paradise closes at 3:30pm

Pitchfork Terrain Garden

The Pitchfork Terrain Garden is home to a 300 foot Half Pipe, plenty of rails, bumps, and a medium size jump at the bottom for some serious air.

Pitchfork Terrain Garden Stats:

Skill Level:Intermediate to Advanced
Key Features:13′ half pipe, kickers, jibs, bonks, separate beginner line
Location:Below Powderhouse and Pitchfork Pub
Tips:Purgatory’s most popular terrain park, Pitchfork is chock full of fun features, including a 13′ half pipe. From the adjacent bypass road, parents can ride alongside while the kids shred. The skate park at the bottom features hips, banks, bonks and jibs.
Hours:The Pitchfork Terrain Garden closes at 3:30pm.

Divine Comedy

Divine Comedy, known by the locals as DC, is located just above the base of the high speed 6-pack chairlift.  This is a great place for the experienced terrain park enthusiasts. It's also a great place to meet friends and take pictures!

Divine Comedy Terrain Park Stats:

Skill Level:Intermediate to Advanced
Key Features:Boxes, rails, cannons, stairs, close outs
Location:Base Area, just up from the Beach
Tips:Throw down the tricks you’ve mastered up top for all the folks on the Beach and Lift 1. Divine Comedy is nonstop jibs.
Hours:Divine Comedy closes from time to time due to adverse weather conditions, safety, or for grooming.

Angel's Tread

Angel's Tread Terrain Park spices it up a bit with flat boxes.  So, while your cruising around, be sure to check them out!

Angel's Tread Terrain Park Stats:

Skill Level:Beginner to Intermediate
Key Features:Small boxes linked with a variety of angles
Location:Between the top of Lift 4 and the bottom of Lift 2 on Angel’s Tread
Tips:Angel’s Tread is the perfect park to slide some jibs with the kids.
Hours:Angel's Tread closes from time to time due to adverse weather conditions, safety, or for grooming.

Pinkerton Starter Park

Pinkerton exists solely for the beginner rider to master the basics of sliding a box and riding a line, with features just off the snow’s surface.

Pinkerton Starter Terrain Park Stats:

Skill Level:Beginner
Key Features:Low, flat boxes
Location:Top of Lift 4
Tips:Pinkerton is great for beginners and fun times with the kids.
Hours:Pinkerton Starter Park closes from time to time due to adverse weather conditions, safety, or for grooming.

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