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Breckenridge, Colorado Ski Vacation Packages
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Whether you’re a novice who wants to tackle some of the longest and most gentle beginner trails in the country or a seasoned expert determined to conquer a double black diamond run, Breckenridge offers world-class ski and snowboard lessons for every skill level. Our Ski and SnowboardSchool boasts over 600 professional instructors and a range of group and private lessons to help you reach your skiing and riding goals.

Note: Children age 12 and under must wear a winter sport protective helmet while participating in a ski or snowboard school lesson. In addition, children over the age of 12 who participate in designated children's classes or programs must wear a helmet. Rental helmets are available at our children's ski school locations for your convenience.

While helmets may reduce or mitigate the severity of some head injuries, their use does not guarantee safety and will not prevent certain injuries. The Resort reminds you that every winter sport participant shares responsibility for his or her safety and for that of others using the ski area facilities. Always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing and snowboarding that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Know your ability level and stay within it. Become familiar with and observe “Your Responsibility Code” and share with other skiers the responsibility for a great skiing experience.