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Keystone Ski Resort

No wonder it was rated one of the "Best Bets" by Ski Magazine.  Keystone's center of learning covers almost every age and ability.  From preschool classes to masters level courses taught by Olympians.  There are day courses in skiing and snowboarding.  Night classes.  Private tutoring.  Family classes.  Week long, extended study programs.  Terrain park classes.  And advanced studies in powder and bumps.  Take a look at the curriculum on the site.  Then take a class.


For children between the ages of 3 and 13, the Keystone Ski & Ride School provides unrivaled lessons and a fun-filled experience on our three mountains. Our expert ski and snowboard instructors provide special care and attention to teach little ones the correct way to ski and ride, from basics of carving turns to safety instruction to advanced lessons and multi-week programs.  Children's classes are separated into two age groups: ages 3-6 and ages 7-13



LEVEL 1 You have never tried skiing or snowboarding before. Welcome to the greatest sports on earth, and thank you for joining us at the Keystone Ski & Ride School!  Start out right! With Keystone’s unique Direct to Excellence approach, you will learn to think like an expert, and discover the techniques, tactics, and mindsets of the world’s best skiers and riders, while avoiding bad habits from Day 1.


LEVEL 2 You have spent a few hours on the slopes—probably a day or two. You can put on and take off your equipment and move around on the flats. You are comfortable gliding and stopping on the easiest.  Lesson Expectations: Improve your turns, gain confidence and control.

LEVEL 3 You are very comfortable gliding and making turns on beginner terrain (“Discovery” and “Ranger” lifts). You feel almost ready for easy green runs on the mountain. Skiers  probably make “wedge turns,” but you may make “parallel turns” too. Snowboarders can nearly link turns heel to toe.

LEVEL 4: You ski or ride comfortably and confidently on Keystone’s “green circle” mountain terrain (Schoolmarm, Silverspoon). You can ride chairlifts and link smooth, gliding turns on all but the steepest green sections. Skiers may be parallel, but probably use a slight wedge much of the time, especially when it gets steeper. Snowboarders can link heel & toe turns.


LEVEL 5 You ski or ride comfortably and confidently on all “green circle” and most groomed “blue square” terrain at Keystone. You can link turns (mostly parallel for skiers) of varying sizes and you can control your speed in most situations by adjusting your line, with little need for braking (“gliding the slow line fast”).

LEVEL 6 You are comfortable and confident on any groomed “blue square” terrain, and capable of skiing or riding easiest ungroomed and moguled blue terrain. You can link turns of varying size at moderate speed. If you are a skier, you are usually parallel, and you may use a pole swing or plant in most of your turns. Snowboarders are beginning to skid less, with the tail of the board following the tip, for more control of their line.


LEVEL 7 You are comfortable and confident on all blue square and easier black diamond terrain, including moderate moguls and ungroomed snow. You can modify your technique and tactics from a growing quiver of options, linking dynamic carved turns with consistent rhythm on blue groomed terrain. Skiers usually ski parallel, with effective pole use. Snowboarders can mix carved and skidded turns.

LEVEL 8 You ski or ride with confidence and flair, with offensive tactics and techniques on most terrain. You can carve arc-to-arc turns on easier groomed runs, and you handle moderate mogul runs with consistent speed and rhythm. You are competent, if not always confident, in moderate ungroomed conditions, and you can handle all but the most extreme in-bounds terrain. You may lack the needed confidence or particular technical or tactical options for true virtuosity in all terrain and conditions.

LEVEL 9 You can ski or ride almost anywhere, almost any time, with confidence, flair, efficiency, and offensive movements and tactics. You fear no terrain. The challenge is no longer merely to survive, but to continue to improve, and you can challenge yourself on even the easiest green, groomed runs. You are becoming a true virtuoso, enticingly close to earning the title “expert.”