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Angel Fire, New Mexico Ski Packages
Angel Fire

The most important question to ask yourself as you progress through the steps for learning to ski and snowboard is a simple one. Are you having fun? Pretty obvious, right? As with any sport there will be challenges. New skills require practice. Improvement most often takes effort and repetition before things start to become easy. But bottom-line, if you’re not having fun something is wrong. Why do we know this? Because skiing and snowboarding are out-of-this-world fun!

Adult/Teen Lessons: Age 13 & Up

Arrive early at the Resort!  The time you save by starting your day early will pay dividends later, and ensure a wonderful experience!  Getting ahead of traffic, finding convenient parking, short lines at the ticket office and rental shop will set you and your family up for a stress –free and fun time at the Resort.   Once you have your lift and lesson tickets and  your equipment , take the time to familiarize your self with  the Resort!  You will need to be at the Ski School Meeting Area promptly, For Adult Group Lessons 15 minutes prior to the lesson starting time.  Classes begin on time!  To ensure the uninterrupted attention of your instructor, we will not “add” students to your class after the lesson begins.

We match instructors to students, organize our classes quickly, and maintain optimum instructor / student ratios.  Our average snowboard class for the season is 10 students and the average class size for skiers is 8, however your class size may vary depending on the time of year  you come.  Class sizes tend to be smaller in the afternoon

Make sure each individual in your group has their own lift ticket and lesson ticket prior to lesson time.  Also rental equipment may look the same, but are set differently for each individual, so don’t mix them up.  Write down or commit to memory your ski/snowboard number.  Always rent at the Resort, if there is a problem with the equipment, quick replacement or adjustments are readily available.