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Angel Fire, New Mexico Ski Packages

Two freestyle parks.
Two awesome freestyle parks have helped cement Angel Fire Resort's position as the snowboarding capital of the state. In fact, we were the site of the USASA Snowboard Nationals in 2004 and Liberation Park was picked as the 2008 Terrain Park of the Year in North America by On The Snow. Our rails, jumps, tabletops and fun boxes are open challenges to freestyle skiers, as well as boarders.

Lowrider Park
And, we're just getting started. Lowrider park has been expanded and updated over the past two seasons with new features shown in the photos below. The primary focus was to build smaller features so that more people could have the ability to learn and sharpen their skills. Last year Lowrider was moved to the backside near the Mountain Haus for two reasons: the snow and weather conditions are better and access is much easier.  Look for all 6 features to be set up in-line when we kick off the 2010-2011 season!

Liberation Park
 The readers' choice for North American Terrain Park of the Year in 2008, Liberation park keeps getting better as well. Check out features including one of our favorites, a 1,000 gallon recycled propane tank (yeah… a propane tank) that locals are calling "The Pill" are waiting for you.  Look for it to be set up on a platform accessible from the front and the sides.  Additionally you will find a 4’ x 16’ Dance Floor, a huge but mellow 40’ A-frame, a 20’ Up-rail, an 8’ mini Wall ride and a 13” round snowmaking pipe set up as a pole jam. And, of course, you won't want to miss the Whale’s Tail and the smooth Rainbow Rail.  As far as jumps go, Liberation park will continue to lead the way with at least 6, possibly 8 jumps instead of the usual 3 or 4.  These jumps will continuously vary in their takeoff radius and launch angle to give you different feels throughout the year.  The lengths on the jumps will range from 15’ to over 50’! The park has something for everyone, including quarter pipe so get ready to get vert!