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The most important question to ask yourself as you progress through the steps for learning to ski and snowboard is a simple one. Are you having fun? Pretty obvious, right? As with any sport there will be challenges. New skills require practice. Improvement most often takes effort and repetition before things start to become easy. But bottom-line, if you’re not having fun something is wrong. Why do we know this? Because skiing and snowboarding are out-of-this-world fun!

Lesson sales at the Resort will be cut off no later than 9:00am for Full Day enrollment and 1:30 pm for PM Half Day participants. To begin classes promptly and without disruption, we require adherence to this important policy.

Your child needs time to adjust to his coach, surroundings and new friends. The distraction of well intentioned "Helicopter Parents" hovering around his or her class does impact the continuity and effectiveness of your child and other children's lesson. The Kids need to concentrate! Go ski and have fun; at the end of the day your child's Instructor will be able to share your child's progress.

Please be prompt for check out. Your child has had a wonderful day and is excited about showing and telling you about their success! Make sure you collect all their belongings (shoes too) at check out. Instructors are available to discuss your child's progress.
 -- 4-5 Year Olds - Check out starts at 3:30pm
 -- 6-12 Year Olds - Check out starts at 3:45pm
 -- Afternoon Half Day - Check out at 4pm

We strongly encourage, however not force, all children to ski or ride do and our goal is to provide a fun and challenging program so that every child has a positive first experience on snow. Your child must be a willing participant.

Please do not attempt to place your child in a lesson that is not designed for his or her age or ability. Parents, you do yourself, your child, other children and your child's coach a disservice by misrepresenting your child's age or ability. Our teaching methodology is designed with your child's age in mind.

Friends and family members may be separated because of age or ability.

Be certain that the Children Center staff is aware of any medical or special needs your child may require.

Special diets may require that parents send a lunch with child.

Children's lesson times may include organizational time, rest periods, shelter from inclement weather or play time depending on the needs of the children. Any child who refuses to participate in the lesson may be allowed to remain indoors until their parents are notified for pickup.

If a problem should arise with a student in a Children's Center lesson, on-mountain communication will be in the form of message board at the bottom of critical lifts.

Children enrolled in group lessons at the Children's Center may need to ride chairlifts with other members of the skiing/riding public, Angel Fire staff or by themselves