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Sunlight Mountain Resort
Sunlight Glenwood Caverns

The Iron Mountain Tramway offers your group unmatched views as you make your way to tour Glenwood Caverns. The caverns offer an opportunity to see beautiful rock formations along with several exciting rides including the Giant Swing, the Zip Line and the Alpine Coaster. These thrills along with the 35-foot climbing wall will keep the most daring members of your group occupied. Discovery Rock offers learning experiences for children of all ages, and the Exclamation Point Restaurant is there when you are ready to take a break and refuel. You can choose to dine in classic rustic mountain style either indoors or on the spacious decks while you take in the grand views.

Adventure Park
When you want the perfect way to enjoy both a delicious meal and a delicious view, try Sunlight’s Adventure Park Gift and Exclamation Point Restaurant and Bar. Located at the nearly 10,000 square foot visitor’s center, Adventure Park offers a massive 4000 square feet of decks that offer spectacular views and crisp Rocky Mountain air.

Discovery Rock
The best time to introduce science to your children is when they are young. The best way to do it is to make it fun. And that’s exactly what Discovery Rock does when it introduces the wonders of geology to children by teaching them to pan for gemstones using the mining sluice box. Determined children can search for treasures all day, and when they need a break, the sandbox is a great place to dig for fossils.

Family Cave Tour
The right blend of entertainment and education is what makes the Cave Tour an ideal experience for the entire family. This is a guided, one-hour walking tour that highlights the beauty of the caverns with its high tech lighting. The awe-inspiring tour appeals to family members of all ages, and the cavern safety features make it appropriate for them as well.

The tour will take you back millions of years in time, showcasing the unspoiled underground world formed long before humans walked the earth. Your family will leave the cave with an education on the geology, folklore and history of this amazing Colorado cave.

Adventure Cave Tour
If you are looking for a cave experience with a little more challenge to it than the Cave Tour, the Adventure Cave Tour is the next step up. Over 90 minutes, you will delve into new areas of the cave, sometimes on your belly, toward your final destination room which boasts spectacular rock formations. Since gear is required for this tour, allow a full 2.5 hours. Call ahead for reservations and information on age and physical limitations.

Wild Cave Tour
If the Adventure Cave Tour still doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, then bump it up another notch or ten with the Wild Cave Tour. Claustrophobics need not apply. This demanding and heart-pumping experience takes you into one of Colorado’s prime caverns. The Wild Cave Tour supplies you with an experienced and extensively trained guide and all the necessary gear. This tour gets you up close and personal with seldom-visited areas of the cave in their most natural state.

Be prepared to spend your three hour adventure winding through the caves both on belly and foot. Without the lights and trails of the more commercial areas of the caves, you will feel like an explorer happening upon Glenwood Caverns for the first time. Please keep in mind that this tour is more strenuous and appropriate for groups over 12 years of age who are accompanied by an adult chaperone.

Iron Mountain Tramway
The breathtaking vistas of the Rocky Mountains are yours to savor when you climb aboard the European pulse gondola, the Iron Mountain Tramway. Just under a mile at 4,300 feet long the tram ride begins at the Iron Mountain Station and takes you over trees, Iron Mountain itself, Glenwood Caverns and the Historic Fairy Caves. During the seven minute ride, visitors of every age will be awed by the panoramic views offered by the fully glass-enclosed gondolas.

When the ride is over the fun doesn’t have to be. The Iron Mountain Tramway will drop you at the station where cave tours, delicious food, and more amazing views await. The Iron Mountain Tramway is suitable for all ages and is wheelchair accessible.

Canyon Flyer
The first alpine coaster in the United States, the Canyon Flyer, will blast you down the mountain coursing through trees and breathtaking curves. Control your own speed depending on your level of daring. In order to ride alone, riders must be a minimum of 48” tall.

Alpine Rush
When you aren’t zipping down the mountain on the alpine slide, what about zipping over the treetops on the Alpine Rush zipline? You’ll reach speeds as high as 50 mph during the 650 foot ride and you’ll obviously be treated to some sweet views. Riders must be a minimum of 48” tall.

Swing Shot
For the adrenaline junky that can’t quite get the rush they want from the alpine slide or the zipline, the Swing Shot might just be the answer. As if the name doesn’t say it all, the Swing Shot launches you over the Glenwood Canyon at speeds of up to 50 mph. If you can catch your breath long enough, don’t miss the view of the Colorado River 1300 feet below. Riders must be, you guessed it, 48” tall, and can ride single or in pairs.

Doc's Rock
Try your hand – and foot – at rock-climbing at Doc’s Rock, the 32’ climbing wall that offers five routes that will challenge every level of climber. The fossils and textured surfaces you encounter as you climb simulate true mountain rock-climbing.

Exclamation Point Restaurant
Whether you want to enjoy the cozy and rustic cabin environment of the indoor dining room or you would rather dine while breathing in every last bit of spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery, the Exclamation Point Restaurant and Bar at the top of Iron Mountain is sure to satisfy. With daily specials and a full menu, including desserts and fantastic selections for the kids, you will find the lunch and dinner tasty and satisfying. Daily service begins at 11:30 am.